Claudia Schiepers

February 6, 2007, 5:25 pm
Filed under: Vrienden

Mmmm, more and more of my (international) friends keep asking me why I’m not writing in English on my blog. They see their pictures, they recognize the scenes, but they have no clue what I’m talking about. And knowing me, they fear about what I’m telling my Dutch-speaking friends and family about them. E.g. Victoria (pics below, the one on the right) asked (no, begged) me to be featured on my blog (and I would never even think of saying no), but then she worried about not being able to read what I was saying about her. Like I would ever dare to say anything negative about this foxy lady. For some reason she didn’t believe this…

So I’m kind of in a dilemma… continue in Dutch, because that is my native language and I should be better in expressing myself in it; or switch to English so all my friends can read my rantings??? Or maybe both, depending on the subject or my mood?  Anyone? Thoughts? Reactions? Leave them in the comments below.



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Yes, English please. I know it isn’t as beautiful as Dutch-clearly the global language of love and romance-but it only makes sense for a girl who spends so much time in the US talking on her new NYC cell phone.

Comment by Matt P

Voor mij mag het Engels en Nederlands zijn, jij mag kiezen Claudia. Als er niet te veel negatieve reacties zijn zou ik toch voor de wereldtaal kiezen.

Comment by Bram

No, kyrgyz is the true language of love and romance…even when conversing over such imperialistic contraptions as a new nyc cell phone!

Comment by Association for more kyrgyz weblogs

Waarom niet in Engels? Mijn Nederlands is heel slecht!!!
By the way…
who is that handsome devil with the nappy chest hair doing a bad impression of Michael Jackson?

Comment by Cyrus

Nappy? Hoe is het ongeluk gebeurt?

Comment by Dazza

I propose you write in english but when you want to say something you don’t want the english speaking world to know…switch to dutch *evil grin*

Comment by Yves

Oh yes darling … please continue in English ! I speak French and not enough Nederlands 😦 English is such a nice language …

Comment by Déborah

From Leuven to Claudia:
Whatever you prefer, it’s all good. Succes! 🙂
De Oude Markt en Villa Ernesto roepen!

Comment by Kevin

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