Claudia Schiepers

March 12, 2007, 11:48 am
Filed under: Evenement, Londen, London

Faust_1Every now and then, you get to experience something special… and special is probably the understatement of the year when describing Faust, the latest production of Punchdrunk.
Because of some magic in scoring last minute tickets, I was able to be immersed in it on Friday night in one of the old warehouse buildings in Wapping, close to where I live. Sadly, they will knock down the building after the production leaves, but at least they got to use it for free for this extraordinary "play".

I’ll leave it up to the experts to give you the normal reviews, but I can only share their opinion when they describe it as brilliant. Imagine running around in a dark 5-story warehouse while wearing a mask, trying to follow the actors, finding scenes of the story, getting a drink from Mephistopheles, walking through an abandoned library, bumping into good and bad angels, …
Then imagine the perfect music to set the scenes and smells that make you feel like you are actually in a movie. I have never been to a performance like this before, but it absolutely took my breath away…

And when they, after the last scene, have an excellent band playing in the "Blues"-bar that is actually part of the decor, and everybody is dancing and drinking, I can only think of trying to find more tickets to go again. It’s also very cool indeed when your company knows the actors and you can stay and have fun with the cast and crew until the early hours… And yes, the hairband of Felix, the director probably was the coolest prop of the entire evening…


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