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May 27, 2007, 9:09 pm
Filed under: Evenement, Film

I’m lying here on the sofa, exhausted from last night (party, more on that later) and SkyMovies is broadcasting a special on the 60th anniversary of the Cannes Filmfestival. During the next weeks, one of their channels will be showing all the films that won a Palme D’Or. Tonight, it’s l’Enfant.

TanghiI had an amazing 3 days at the Festival earlier this week. After a couple of hours standing in line for the accreditation (thanks again, Screenvision), everything was just wonderful. Some of the highlights:
– 28 degrees Celcius (it was raining all day in London on the day before I left, so this was definitely a big highlight)
Persepolis. A wonderful animation movie that actually made me cry twice. De Standaard seems to agree with me, my company on the other hand fell asleep during the film… de gustibus et coloris etc…
Tanghi Argentini, the best short film I saw during the couple of hours I spent in one of the short film booths in the short film corner. Try to see this. It’s a beautiful script and really great acting (Dirk van Dijck and Koen Van Impe). Oh yes, It’s a Belgian film by Guido Thys.
– Straight8 screening in the Kodak pavilion. Some really cool films like Sticks and Balls, Everything but… and The Other Half.
– Partying after the Straight8 screening (no other comments).
– Dressing up "red carpet" style (yes, yes, tuxedo, evening dress etc…) and seeing the premiere of Mister Lonely (weird film, good moments, sometimes very funny but too long).
– Another highlight: the hotel within walking distance of the Palais. And I found it the week before the festival. And not even exepnsive. Trust me, this is worth a lot! Yes, very very lucky.

Unfortunately no spotting of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Leonardo or any others. Although this crew sat in the bar of the Martinez hotel with Quentin Tarrantino and Roman Polanski. But that was the day before I arrived… Ah well, something to maybe look forward to next year. Selection of pictures of the three days here.


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