Claudia Schiepers

September 12, 2007, 5:09 pm
Filed under: Reizen

And we’re back in New York. Anyone who says traveling by plane is fun, is clearly an idiot… (unless you are the pilot, I guess)
I wonder why I ever decided to fly British Airways always from London to New York. I really, really do not like them. I can live with the hour delay, if you could bloody well tell me why there is a delay in the first place and not let us sit and wait there wondering if we are even at the correct gate (Maybe use the screens at the gate next time to say which flight is leaving from there???). And "problems with staff" does not count as a decent explanation of why the plane is not there yet. Especially not when you are flying on September 11th.
And the food is sooooo disgusting! I know I’m not the best person to judge food as I hardly eat anything normal people eat, but I can judge quality. And BA is without a doubt the most disgusting food I have ever had on a plane. I even prefer American Airlines… at least they give you a slice of pizza…
The "entertainment system" on board is completely outdated, half the audio channels never work, the films keep breaking up, if you like some ice with your drink, they’ll come and bring it "later". Translation = never.
Anyway… we made it… and in New York again!! yipie!


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