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November 26, 2007, 6:03 pm
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Last weekend I went out for some good old drinking and dancing with some people I’ve met in London (trust me, I needed the distraction). We were all invited at someone’s place for some pre-club drinks as it was still early. While adjusting my make-up in one of the bedrooms, one of the hosts walked in and said: "Oh, by the way, help yourself to the stuff on the dresser". I was thinking she had some cool lipstick or something over there and being a sucker for MAC products, I went over to the dresser to have a look. At first, I didn’t really register what was going on there, but slowly the credit card, the rolled up bill, the plastic bag and the white powder on the dresser started connecting in my mind.

Now, I’ve never tried a hard drug in my life, including any type of pills that you can think of. I also never ever felt the need to try any of that stuff as I pretty much enjoy myself on most occasions. I don’t need stimulants to be more social, to feel in control or to have a good time. People might even argue that I should maybe take something to behave more and calm me down 🙂

But I couldn’t help being intrigued by what was happening here. This was the first time I have ever been confronted with cocaine this close and have it offered to me by people I consider friends. All of a sudden the phrases I heard earlier like "my tongue is numb" etc, started making a lot more sense. (You will have to excuse me as I am very naive in these things). I watched as some people snorted and some even started licking the inside of the empty bag. (not to miss a grain, I guess). Not one hair on my head was considering trying it as it just doesn’t attract me. But I couldn’t help being intrigued by the whole ritual of it.

After the bag was empty (which was quite fast…), I tried to see if anything changed in the people that had been snorting. And yes, there were some more laughs, but besides that I really couldn’t see any difference. And I’m not even sure the laughs came from the drugs as the drinks could have had something to do with that also (or my incredibly funny jokes, maybe …).

In all honesty, I don’t judge anybody. You do with your live whatever the fuck you want. I, however, can’t understand what drives somebody to rely on some powder to have a good time… But I have never tried it, so who am I to say anything about it. I don’t think I’ll change my mind on this anytime soon though.


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Didn’t you have a few drinks that night?

Comment by Tom

The point is….Alcohol is considered a hard drug. Although specialists do rather prefer to talk about hard or soft use!! This is a small but critical difference.
Smart ass ;-()) Migs

Comment by Migs

Lucy lovebar

[ original size ] Ik heb me vanavond met Pietel in het trendy en hippe Antwerpse uitgaansmilieu gestort. Van die feestjes waar coke snuiven even normaal, zoniet normaler is als gewoon een pint drinken

Comment by Herman Horsten fotografie

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