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Just don’t…
March 28, 2008, 9:43 pm
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I’m telling you, I’ve had it with people who think they should give me advise on my love life. I’m so sick and tired of strangers asking me :"So, why are you still single", usually followed by something like "work is not everything, you have to make time and work hard on a relationship".
Who the fuck do they think they are? I never asked for their comments on my life and I’m not sure how much longer I can still pretend like I don’t mind and laugh it off with a joke.

Or another one of those hateful remarks: "You are too smart, men are intimidated by you. Maybe you shouldn’t be so outspoken." So I should act dumb, look pretty and then I’ll be happy? Really?? I’m not sure how that is supposed to work.

And you should know that this usually comes from either a) a woman whose husband is fucking around and in some cases has even tried to pick me up, or b) the most ugly man whose wife is even more boring than he is.

Why do people think I’m not happy while being single? I have a great job, great friends, a beautiful apartment in a fantastic city, I get paid quite well and I can have (good) casual sex whenever I want to! Now I’m not sure about you, but for me, this all sounds quite wonderful.

I’m not saying that I don’t want to find someone special. If it happens, it happens, but I’m not going to feel unhappy because I don’t have that now. I was actually quite lucky in my life to have met a few guys that I spent a longer time with and they were all pretty wonderful (except one huge asshole). I loved them very much at the time and considered them my best friends. I also wish them nothing but the best in their lives now. I know off at least two of them that are now dads! And I think that is wonderful.
I’ve learned a lot from them and I’m sure they had a role in making me who I am today.

So if you feel sorry about me because I’m single and you are in a loving relationship? Don’t be… Because while you worry, I might be somewhere in Manhattan with a cocktail in my hand while a gorgeous model is trying to seduce me for a night of unlimited pleasure. And you know what? He might succeed…


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Game/Set/Match for La Claudia!

Comment by Karel

There are benefits to being single….. I think you summed it up in the last paragraph! I’ve been single for quite awhile too, simply because I haven’t found what I am looking for. At times, it’s not so great, but I’d rather be single then unhappy. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by April

Goed gesproken!

Comment by yab

Hey sweety, up for a drink tonight?

Comment by male model

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