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Back in the UK
June 12, 2008, 10:27 am
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Yes, I know. It's been a bit quiet here in the last week. Miami was a stressful but very fun week that left no time to amuse you with my ramblings. The one and a half day of vacation that I added to the work week there were in the "no laptop, no blackberry" policy. That 1.5 day mostly consisted of swimming, sunbathing and eating. But since Tuesday, I'm back in London and although the weather is not too bad right now, what a difference…

Only two more months to go in this city. I have to start deciding whether I will leave here the first of September or the first of August. The first option would probably be the more sensible one, but I have this fire burning that is just screaming "go, go, go". Finding a place in Manhattan might not be so easy either. There is no use in looking for something right now for August as that is way too early, The apartments hit the market on the first of the month for moving in dates on the first of the next month.

On top of that, you need all the paper work to get approved. Good credit history for example. But I have no credit history… Unfortunately that is the same as having bad credit history. I still don't understand that train of thought. It's actually better in the US to buy something on credit and then pay your debt monthly on time than to buy something by paying for it in full immediately. In the second case, no credit history…
Oh, and to get a credit card, you need credit history. Probably to even open a bank account, you need credit history. This should all be good fun to get everything organised. Maybe September is the better date…


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Sounds familiar. Just arrived some weeks ago to the States. I would recommend you to get a Social Security number. This will take you about 2 to 8 weeks (in my case 5 w).
More info:
Normally you can open an account without such a number, but you need to provide it afterwards anyway! I finally got my bankcard (and checks off course) after four weeks. Now still have to apply for a credit card and then start building up my credit history…
Perhaps (and hopefully) you’ll find a faster way!
Good luck and have a nice stay!!

Comment by Benoit

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