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August 8, 2008, 9:18 pm
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A whirlwind! That's only how I can describe my first 10 days in the United States. After arriving on the Sunday, I spent the first four days just working in the NY office while staying at the normal hotel that I stay at when here. Then, on Thursday night, Hils and I flew to Chicago to stay with K. for a few nights while rocking out in the VIP lounges of Lollapalooza. MGMT, Bloc Party, Rage against the Machine, Lupe Fiasco, Jamie Lidell… are just a few of the more than 140 bands that performed. Some pics below.
Picture 003
Picture 007
Picture 026
Picture 086

Of course, visiting the midwest also meant visiting the one and only Cheesecake Factory! Of all the chain restaurants in the world, this one is my absolute favorite. And I bet that Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake has something to do with it. The day they open one in New York, I'll be a happy little girl!
Picture 004

Hilary left on Sunday night, but I had two extra days off to drive down to Indianapolis and settle some old bank account. It was a great opportunity to see some ex-colleagues and reminisce about 2003 when I lived in Indy for a while. And more importantly, to eat my favorite breakfast in the whole world (as you probably already noticed, I'm not the greatest when it comes for advise on food: Biscuits and gravy. For my non-American friends, I'll explain. You take a bechamel sauce on the one side and you cook some ground pork in a pan on the other side. You add the two together, pour it over some muffin-like pastry and voila, biscuits and gravy. Very very healthy… (I also added some pancakes, to make sure the heart attach will some day catch up with me)
Picture 066

Driving back to Chicago turned into the drive from hell. To spoil myself a bit, I rented a Ford Mustang Shelby (such an awesome car). However,the weather decided to be a dick and the biggest thunderstorm ever broke loose just when I was on my way back to the airport (about a 3 hour drive). Now, a Shelby is a lot of things, but it is not a car made to drive in bad weather. After skidding off and on the road several times, I decided it would be better to get off the highway and get some gas. That only ended with me being soaked to the bone and still having to drive in the same bad weather as to not miss my flight… Anyways, I made it back alive and was even able to take some pics on the way back.

Picture 016
Picture 043
Picture 056

Back in New York, it was of course back to the office on Wednesday. But it was also Bloc Party @ Webster Hall that night! Such a fucking great concert, I really do like that venue a lot and those guys really have great songs. Yesterday, I had my first drum lesson. Yes, you heard correctly, drum lesson. After always wanting to join the local "trommelkorps" as a kid, but never being allowed to, I finally decided I am going to be a drummer rock chick 🙂 The teacher was wonderful and nice and it looks like he has enough patience to actually teach me something.

More on New York soon… Only 3 days until I move in to my new apartment!

There are more pictures of Lollapalooza and Indy here and here.


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The GT350-H… nice, you sure know how to make your local Mustang fanboy jealous 😉

Comment by Kris Hoet

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