Claudia Schiepers

August 14, 2008, 1:14 am
Filed under: New York

Yesterday and today I took off from work to move into my new apartment. Several deliveries were planned weeks ago and magically they all (but one) made it here. Well… that's not really completely true, but let's just say, I'll be able to get by for now until my stuff from London arrives.

First there was Macy's. The salesguy sold me a bedroom and a couch at the end of June and promised it would take only 3 weeks for the stuff to get to the warehouse of the store. "Great", I said, "I only need it delivered by the 12th of August." The result is that I have my couch (yay), a head and foot board for my bed and a mattress, but nothing else from my bedroom yet. Expected time of delivery: End of august.

Then there was Ikea. The ordering online (at the beginning of July) was a bit difficult because of me using a foreign credit card and they ordered me to fax a credit card statement over to proof it's actually mine. Giving me the wrong fax number twice didn't help the situation much. Anyway, the order was finally confirmed on July 28th and the expected time of delivery is now August 20th. Now it's just hoping that all the right stuff gets delivered.

Thirdly, there was Bed, Bath and Beyond. It's a store that has pretty much everything you need for the house that is not furniture (although they have that too). You can go in in the morning and have it delivered to you in the afternoon. I went over the weekend and had it delivered yesterday. Everything was there, except my shower curtain that somehow disappeared between the shop and my house.

Then Crate and Barrel, a store I absolutely love. Furniture and stuff for the kitchen, bed and bathroom, but a bit nicer than the previous store I described. Also shopped there over the weekend and today and everything was delivered perfectly tonight. I can eat now on plates with actual silverware and I have a nice new rug and lights. Very happy about my purchases there.  

And lastly, there was FreshDirect, the New York CaddyHome. It also lets you order online and deliver somewhere in the next week. When the guy arrived yesterday with the cardboard boxes, I asked him if he was sure that was everything. "Yes, of course, miss", was his answer. 30 minutes after he left, before I even unpacked everything, FreshDirect called me to say that not everything had been delivered and that they would come back the next day (so today) and get me the rest of my stuff, "free of charge, miss" (duh!). I'm waiting for it to arrive any second now. The food for sure is fresh, of good quality and as described on their site. Now let's just hope my shampoo still arrives tonight so I look a bit presentable at work tomorrow…

My place is slowly starting to come together and it feels great. All I need now is my Ikea delivery and the stuff that's still coming from London that hopefully is on a ship right now crossing the ocean.

Of course, while unpacking and decorating, I listened to Standard de Liege almost beating Liverpool in the qualification of the Champions League! They so should have been awarded that goal!!! I wanted to go watch the game here, but apparently the UEFA was charging too much for the game and it wasn't available anywhere in the US or Canada. Let's hope that won't be the case for the game at Anfield Road.


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