Claudia Schiepers

September 19, 2008, 2:40 pm
Filed under: Claudia

I got quite some reactions to my wrist, so for the people who asked:
That tattoo is my second one, the first one was one flower in the same place (see pic below from some time ago). Because it looked like a black blob, I wanted to give it some more colour. The experts told me that it was too small to have more than one colour, so I decided to make it a bit bigger and chose three flowers. Three because I kind of dedicate them to my nieces and nephew. So who knows what happens when my brother decides to have kids too 🙂


I also have the line above my eyes tattooed. They call it permanent make-up, but when I did it 10 years ago, it was exactly done like a tattoo. The people doing those now, claim it is not the same as a real tattoo as the needle doesn't go as deep and it only lasts 5 years. Well, I still have mine after 10 years and it just faded a little bit from black to dark grey. This tattoo hurt way more than the wrist one, but neither of them were a walk in the park.

I had the wrist done in Miami at Miami Ink (Love Hate). They were very professional, clean and friendly. I don't regret anything, but if I ever do, I will just do the same as Angelina did with Billy Bob! 🙂


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