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Aldo, how to deal with unsatisfied customers
May 22, 2009, 7:27 pm
Filed under: New York

A few days ago I posted a rant on this blog after a horrible experience at the local Aldo store in Queens (about 3 minutes walk from my new home). Yesterday I received an email via my Facebook account from Mr. M. V., district sales manager for Aldo in Queens. I quote from his mail:

I just read your blog post about your experience there on Sunday.
I'm really embarrassed.

I work really hard to train and motivate people to offer a great shopping experience.
feedback was really disappointing to read – especially since in a
crowded store – you weren't the only customer poorly serviced on that
The experience you had in the store is totally ridiculous and I'd like to be able to make it up to you – if you'll let me.

He continues his mail by offering me a 50% discount on the shoes I bought and a plea to let me have him personally restore my image of the Aldo store. (Not sure what he means by that!)

I have to say that at first I was a little bit shocked that my rant made it to someone in Aldo (and then I was a little bit proud that it did…).

Mr. V, thank you for your kind response. You could have chosen to simple ignore it, but you didn't. I appreciate that you find it important enough to try and change my opinion of the brand you work for, especially since I am just one of many, many customers worldwide. I have to say that it worked. I will not stop shopping at your store and every time I go there, I will think of the how you went out of your way to try and make up for my bad experience.

I did buy the shoes back then and I love them (even though they hurt like hell, like all gorgeous shoes). Thank you for offering to pay me back 50% of them, but I cannot accept your offer. I didn't start this rant in the hope of getting something out of it. I'm just really glad it might prevent another customer from experiencing the same.

Have a nice holiday weekend everyone.

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